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Get ahead with Headstock Headstarts

Start your day with one of our immersive wellness sessions, and discover new, fun ways to look after both your physical and mental wellbeing. From chocolate meditation and sleep workshops through to non-contact boxing and a sober rave, we’ve curated an exciting line-up of events that will give you the Headstart you need.

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Restore your balance with a 45 minute physio-led pilates session which includes a variety of flexibility, mobility and strengthening exercises, each with a progression so beginners can work on the basics and those with experience can challenge themselves a little more. This is followed by a three course brunch including tasty tonics by nutrition led chef Lauren Wall. The menu will be inspired by seasonal offerings to leave you feeling refreshed.


Mindful Taste of Chocolate Meditation

Using the principles of mindful eating and professional chocolate tasting, you'll be guided through a gentle meditation incorporating the flavour-filled single origin chocolate. This session lets you explore the ancient art of mindful eating - and explore why it's so important in our busy modern world. It also includes a shorter grounding meditations to aid digestion and a few fascinating chocolatey facts sprinkled in along the way.


In Your Corner

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Sleep Strategies Workshop with Dr Sarah Gilchrist

Develop a ‘sleep strategy’ in this sleep workshop delivered by high performance sport expert Dr Sarah Gilchrist. In this workshop you will learn how to maximise your ‘energy pot’, enabling you to manage yourself better in order to recognise your limits and proactively use strategies, such as sleep and downtime, to re-energise for life’s demands. The workshop will help you understand your sleep practices, and educate you on how to improve your sleep (and downtime).



Discover the benefits of sound healing with BLOKsound - a sensory, guided class that uses Tibetan bowls to guide you through a meditative, sound healing experience. Working with frequencies that stimulate the alpha and theta brainwaves, you can expect to leave this class with a clearer and more peaceful state of mind.



Join TRIBE.MCR for a 60 minute feel good outdoor group workout that will leave you feeling refreshed and energised. On offer will be a vibrant combination of partner workouts, small group circuits and pad boxing!


Run Talk Run

Join us for a gentle 5km run, and enjoy good company and a safe space to talk about your mental health. The aim of Run Talk Run is to create an informal and non-judgemental environment to turn up exactly as you are, so that we can support each other and be an understanding pair of ears for each other. You do not need to be fast enough, fit enough, confident enough or chatty enough - everyone is welcome, we are for all paces and all headspaces.


Art Battle Manchester


Fight Klub

Fight Klub is the high intensity fun workout that makes getting in to shape an addiction. Set to heavyweight underground beats, the program is built around a professional grade, freestanding punch bag using simple combinations of kicks and punches fusing; boxing, kick boxing and thai boxing with the atmosphere of a nightclub.



Alleviate the effects of city life with BLOKbreath, a class dedicated to unlocking the benefits of conscious breathing. Learn how to re-nourish fatigued muscles and increase strength, conditioning and focus through a series of breathing techniques that improve recovery and aid mental wellbeing.


Morning Gloryville

Morning Gloryville is a high energy dance spectacular to start your day and invite magical connections. Harnessing the energy of the morning with powerful music, in a ‘wake up workout’. Rock out with your tribe and feel held in harmony and one-ness, as you are led through our aerobics inspired, tribal experience. Then over to our Star DJ to lead a morning dance party like no other!


Shake Your Soul

The Shake Your Soul experience combines yoga, fitness and music. The yoga flow will be lead by yoga teacher and photographer, Madeleine Penfold, whilst Dr Jessicarr will oversee the fitness, incorporating elements such as HIIT and boxing. The music will be supplied by DJ aalice.